Vision Statement

The much-loved suburb of Weston is about to experience a whole new concept of living. One that offers a completely flexible range of innovative housing options including urban terraces, townhouses, apartments and house and land packages, all within a beautifully landscaped setting.

Whether you're looking to buy your first home, find a bigger one or downsize, there is something to suit everyone in this new housing community, with the added benefit of being able to enjoy communal gardens, BBQ areas and open spaces.

Sustainability has been key in the design of this precinct, incorporating the world's best practices in environmental conservation, urban design and connectedness to ensure a community that will add value to the area and last for generations to come.


Zoning of the site

The site was formerly zoned a Community Facility Zone (CFZ) under the Territory Plan. This meant the site could be used for things such as business agency, emergency services facility, public agency and the like. In August 2007 the ACT Government commenced their proposal to rezone the site as ‘RZ4 – Medium Density Residential’, allowing the site to be used for essentially residential purposes. Draft Territory Plan Variation 281 was released for public comment on 31 August 2007 with the consultation period ceasing on 26 November 2007. At the conclusion of that process it was referred to what is called a 'Standing Committee' who investigated the planning and environmental aspects of the proposed Variation to the Territory Plan (to enable the rezoning of the site). This was completed in August 2008. In December 2008 ‘Variation 281’ was adopted into the Territory Plan. This Variation can be viewed at:

In summary, this means that from December 2008 (almost 10 years), the site has been zoned as a medium density residential site.

Community Consultation

To date we have undertaken two public consultation sessions with Weston Creek residents (22 May, 2018 and 31 May, 2018) and a presentation at the Weston Creek Community Council general meeting on 30 May, 2018).

Your comments have been heard

The following feedback was provided in the two open forums held on 22 May and 31 May.

  • Zoning of the site (the site has been zoned as a medium density residential site and adopted into the Territory plan since December 2008. Details can be found HERE)
  • Building heights
  • Traffic concerns along Heyson Street
  • Position of the proposed apartments
  • Lack of imagery and modelling of the site
  • Impact on light on surrounding residents
  • Information about commercial use opportunities on the site
  • Driveway widths
  • Continuity and connectivity with adjoining ANU site and Fetherston Gardens
  • Stepping and articulation facades, not just a wall of building
  • Retaining mature native trees
  • Compatibility of high-density development with the character of Weston Creek
  • Support for a highly sustainable development
  • Opportunity to integrate with the beauty of Weston and incorporate parklands and vistas
  • Fear of a repeat of Molonglo

We appreciate all of your feedback at this early stage and plan to address all issues and comments moving forward. Please bear in mind that work is still being done on the designs and relevant studies, and these will be provided as soon as possible to provide a better insight into our joint vision for the site.

Additionally, Village will liaise with relevant agencies and community stakeholders (ie. Transport Canberra and City services . TCCS; Fetherston Gardens etc) to ascertain any reasonable measures that they can additionally incorporate into the development and likewise respond to community concerns.

The Pre-DA Community consultation period has been extended to 8 August 2018.

Have your say

We will continue to update this website with further information including updates on the community consultation process going forward, FAQs and any other relevant documents. Updated draft plans are anticipated to be published on this website by 16 July 2018.

The next community meeting will be held by the Weston Creek Community Council on 25 July 2018. We will invite Government representatives and subject-matter experts to address some of your concerns in more detail.

If you are not able to attend this session or want to provide feedback in the meantime, we encourage you to contact the Weston Creek Community Council. The details can be found at This one point of contact will assist in gathering community sentiment and ensure it is coordinated through a single source.